FERL maintains the gardening at the Library. Please be sure to visit.
If you would like to volunteer on Thursday mornings, check with the Library for details.

Friends of the Esparto Regional Library
P.O. Box 787
Esparto, CA 95627

Esparto Regional Library
17065 Yolo Avenue
Esparto, CA 95627
530.787.3426 - Phone
530.787.4874 - Fax

What We Do

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As you all know, the economy has hit everyone very hard. We at the Friends are feeling this hit. When the new library was built, this community had a great deal of enthusiasm, and the funds from your donations allowed not only the library to be built, but to implement many programs.

These programs are now at risk. FERL Membership is down, and the cost of paying for the extra hours at the library has increased by $14 per hour which means that it cost FERL $8,400 more per year the provide the extra 600 Library open hours.

We need your help in order to maintain these programs; Book bags to all new juvenile library card applicants. Summer reading - books, speakers and performers and programming, craft supplies. Movie licensing - licensing to allow us to show movies in the library to the public, usually twice/month. Monthly reading/book draw. Books for the library. Evening and weekend hours. These programs total about $26,000 per year.

We need your help.

Please join FERL or make a donation.